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How can KEYGRIP Media Productions help take my business to the next level?

Corporate Training

A corporate training video is a powerful training tool. Visual learners make up the majority of the population, so a video allows employees to see what a good job looks like. The visual role-plays allow employees to truly understand how to get things done. KEYGRIP will work with you to create a script that communicates your company's specific sales techniques, customer service expectations or tasks. Instructional training videos are used in almost every industry. An instructional video will walk the employee through each step of a process. Our training videos include freeze frames, on screen text, slow motion, multiple camera angles, and more. These techniques are used to effectively communicate instructions.

Corporate Identity

Corporate videos help reinforce a strong corporate identity. Through video, employees get a first hand experience of company logos, slogans, style of speaking and overall feel. A strong corporate identity will help the employee and consumer understand what makes your company superior to others.

Promotional Productions

Promotional productions can be presented in a number of ways. Many businesses need video material to play at meetings, trade shows, and special events. KEY GRIP will help you create a presentation that best represents your company.

TV advertisements

KEYGRIP will help you present your product or service in the most effective way possible. We will work with you from concept to finished production. Your input will always be a welcomed part of the process. Our goal is to create a production that will help your business succeed.

Video E-mail

Video e-mail advertising allows you to advertise directly to your target audience. Video email is a low-cost alternative to television advertising. Many companies are experiencing similar, and sometimes greater benefits with internet advertising. Here's how it works: We create a video advertisement for your product or service. Then, we convert it to a digital video file. All you have to do is attach it to email messages going out to your mailing list.


KEYGRIP's camera operators are excellent at following the action. Whether it's a small presentation or a large annual conference, KEYGRIP will provide you with high quality coverage of your event. Your package will come complete with cameras, lights, microphones and any other equipment necessary to properly cover almost any event.